Destiny Of Ancient Kingdoms

Money can't buy you everything in DOAK!

We wrote about how Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms breaks conventional thinking on MMO’s in our previous article. In this article, we will be going more in-depth about our authentic MMO experience.

Free to play MMO’s are notorious for being quite pricey when it comes to getting decent enjoyment from the game. Most international titles require the use of real money to instantly revive, use potions or gain new equipment, but that’s not what we had in mind when we developed Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms (DOAK).

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DOAK is perfect for all gamers who miss that sense of achievement from working hard to get to the next level and obtaining rare items. You can only acquire rare Gold and Orange quality equipment by defeating strong boss monsters in instances or finding them in the treasure hunting activities.

Another way to get rare and powerful equipment is to make them with materials that you obtain by killing monsters in the maps. One of the projects we worked on recently was making a material map that tells you which monsters drop which materials for our Pro Guide, so that you can find all the necessary materials to craft your own equipment.

Joining a guild that has a smithy will give you the benefit of learning Gold Formula’s for making sought-after gold quality equipment. This means that players who work together with other players benefit by having friends who help them become much stronger, which has made our in game community very helpful to new players.

In-game currency can be used to purchase all of your character’s necessities such as food, potions, equipment, mount feed and other items that keep you on the path to discovering your destiny.

Health related items such as potions and food can also be found by killing monsters in the game environment. Upgrade items such as reinforced sapphires, wing feathers and runes can be found by doing treasure hunting tasks, 21 points activity and killing difficult monsters in the instances. So players who work hard in the game are equally rewarded for their efforts.

We recommend that you should focus on playing DOAK as often as possible to become a good player, and purchase additional items that will enhance your gameplay with unique items like Mounts and fashion suits that will help your character really stand out amongst other players.

We would like to thank all of our local players for their loyal support as we understand that we would be nothing without them. It is a truly gratifying feeling to know that all of our hard work and dedication helps our players enjoy Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms even more.

DOAK is a game that South Africans everywhere can be proud of, and we have some very steamy news that will warm you up with excitement.

Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms is in the process of being officially released on Steam. We would like to welcome all South African gamers to take the next step forward with us to become approved by Steam Greenlight.

Suggestion: Instead of saying “Team up and take down POWERFUL BOSSES!” Team up and help us get Greenlit

Help us get approved on Steam by voting on Steam Greenlight after you click on this link.

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