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Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms

Account registration FAQ for Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms (DOAK)

Q: How do I register a Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms (DOAK) account?
A: Simply go to>,click on the website icon, click on the account tab and then on the “Account Reg”. Simply fill in the required information. Please make sure to remember your username and Password.

Q: How do I verify my account?
A: Destiny of Ancient kingdoms requires you to visit the DOAK website, Please login to your account and click on the verify account tab, a verification email will be sent to the email address you registered with. Simply click in the link to verify account registration.
PS: Please note that verifying your account is very important, to secure your account information.

Q: I am stuck on the Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms launcher….
A: If you are using MW 8, Win8.1 or Win 10, click on My Computer, go to the disc drive where you saved “Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms”. Please right click on Start Game, Left click on Properties, then click on Compatibility. Click the check box (Run this Program in compatibility mode for :) Click on the dropdown list and select Windows 7. Click on the apply tab to run the game in Win 7 mode.

Q: My Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms account does not want to login “Network error or Server closed …”
A: If you see this message, please double check your internet connection

Q: “Account/Password wrong or Server Closed…”
A: Please go to the DOAK website at, click on the Account Tab, then Sign-in. Click on the “forgot Password” option. An email with a link to reset your password will then be sent to the email address you registered your account with.

Q: How do I change my Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms password?
A: Please go to the DOAK website at Sign in to your account and click on the “change Password option”.

Q: My friends are also playing Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms, but I can’t see them in the game?
A: Please make sure that if you refer friends to the game that they join the same Kingdom as you.

Q: How do I get paid to play?
A: Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms requires you to refer 6 friends from the refer friend function on the DOAK website, Please make sure you enter your friends email addresses correctly. An email will be sent to all 6 your friends, showing that you (Registered player) have referred them. Make sure you abide by the T&C’s of the Get paid to play function.

In-game Questions

Q: How do I get Blood soul hearts and what can it be used for?
A: In Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms Blood soul point increase when you kill monsters, to make Blood soul Hearts you need to purchase a blood container. Right click on the blood container to produce blood heart points. Blood soul points can be used to practice skills.

Q: How do I see where to buy certain things from?
A: Click on the “M” icon from the map in the right corner of the screen, on the right hand side there you will find an option to click on what you want example: Traders, Activity, and Monsters. Click on Trader, there you will find all the sales people to buy certain things from.

Q: My bag is getting to full, what can I do about it?
A: Go to the Warehouse inside the City of Heroes, you can store items in the Warehouse by right clicking on the item you wish to put in the warehouse.

Q: How do I upgrade my skill?
A: Every class has different abilities/skills, press “K” to see your skills. Every skill needs a skill book to practice that certain skill. On certain levels you can upgrade them by opening the skill interface and right clicking on blood soul heart.

Q: When I press “K” my skill interface opens, there is a Live Tab what do I do with this?
A: From your “Live” tab there are different Icons: Weapon Making, Armor Making, Jewelry Making, Herb Picking, Alchemy, Fishing and Cooking. Left Click on the icon you wish to do/make and see which kind of material you need. When picking Herbs you need an Herb Scythe to pick herbs, this can be bought from a store from the City of Heroes.

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