Destiny Of Ancient Kingdoms


Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms (DOAK) is the hottest new arrival into South Africa's virtually desolate free-to-play MMO market. Developed by Utopia Dream Entertainment Alliance and hosted in Pretoria, DOAK offers its players access to three out-of-this-world kingdoms that are guaranteed to give you months of discovery and adventure.

The names of these Kingdoms are: the Kingdom of Dragon, the Kingdom of Nature and the Kingdom of Magic. Our story-line is based on ancient legends of gods and giants that can be found in almost every culture from around the world. This is how it all began.

In the Beginning…

The gods and giants fought against each other for many years which lead to many wars breaking out.

The extraordinary powers used during the third war had re-activated the energy of chaos, which is the ultimate force of destruction that was later used in the fourth war. The eternal battling between the two had a profound impact on their world. Destroying everything in its path including their continent.

The collision of these extraordinary powers then transformed the Human World into three identical planes from which the three Kingdoms came to be.

Our story-line begins at a time when relationships are still quite unstable between the Kingdoms and races. The eternal conflict of these Kingdoms and the opening of space-time has placed the world into grave turmoil. Each Kingdom has their own challenges that plague their societies at this point in time.

Luckily there is still hope. The elders prophesied your arrival many years ago. You are one of the chosen warriors to bring peace to these lands and restore the fabric of time once again.

You can begin your journey either as a Human, Elf or as a Night Elf. Unlike other MMO's, the class you choose determines your race because different races have mastered different skill sets. The 6 different classes include: Swordsman, Magician, Friar, Archer, Soul Eater and Assassin. There is even a variety of skin tones to choose from that accommodate all the colors of our beautiful rainbow-nation.

DOAK's graphics are incredible for a 1GB game and the Kingdoms are breathtakingly beautiful. The purple trees in the Morning Breeze Village are reminiscent of the Jacaranda's of Joburg. Exploring the jungles of the Kingdom of Nature gives you the feeling of meandering through the forests of Knysna. Then take a break after a hard battle as you watch the sun set from the tip of the Cape of Good Hope.

The auto-path feature of Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms is truly a delight. Your character will automatically travel to any location that you double-click on in the map, which makes it easy to navigate while you sip on some coffee.

Not many MMORPG's include such a vast variety of mounts. In Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms there are over 28 different mounts including various horses, dragons, unicorns, saber-tooth tigers, a phoenix and even Santa's sleigh!

The best part of the massive map is the unique blend of monsters that you will encounter on your adventure. You will battle with over 3000 different species of monsters like: Spiders, Crystal Wolves, Ents, Zombies, Velociraptors, the monolithic Global Destroyer and much more to seek out and destroy!

Fighting all of these frightening monsters would be impossible without good quality equipment. Luckily when monsters die they sometimes drop rare and powerful equipment to help you complete your tasks and level up much faster.

If your weaponry or armor doesn't really work too well for fighting difficult boss monsters like the ones found in certain instances, then you can always go to the City of Heroes to reinforce your equipment.

You can also inlay your equipment with runes to increase your basic attributes like strength, endurance and intellect.

Awesome equipment works even better if you have the skills to use them. Active skills can be purchased from the Skill book salesmen found in certain maps, so that you can learn amazing new talents and powers. Passive skills give you special effects that are learnable when you reach certain levels

Life skills are those everyday crafting skills like making your own weapons, armor, jewelry, and potions. You can also learn basic life skills like herb picking, fishing and cooking.

Upgrading your skills is pretty simple. All you have to do is buy blood containers from the grocery salesman. These containers convert your blood soul into blood soul hearts that can be used to upgrade your skills from the skill interface. Blood soul points come from each monster you kill.

You can also create special equipment with skills you have acquired from your guild.

The multiplayer features of our game are very extensive. One of the unique features of this game is the online Kingdom structure. You must set up a guild to make luxury equipment, build guild towers to protect your guild map and harvest your own resources to make rare materials.

The ultimate reason to start a guild is to have a chance at competing to be King of your kingdom in the King's Scramble event.

That's right…! Every kingdom has a real King with real tasks, real servants and real responsibilities. The King must choose his servants quite carefully as these servants will be his representatives and have the ability to impeach him to make the gameplay even more intriguing.

In conclusion, UDEA knows that Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms will bring some much needed discovery and enjoyment to the lives of South Africans everywhere. The fact that there is a real political structure that can change at any moment is something that I think most South Africans will definitely fall in love with.

Another strong leg for DOAK to stand on is that it is 100% free to play and the best part is that you don't need the latest gaming PC to play it. So you can literally find friends from anywhere to chat and complete adventures with. It's like an instant messaging adventure!

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