Destiny Of Ancient Kingdoms

How to get the strongest gear in Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms

As you probably already know, Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms (DOAK) is South Africa's first free to play MMORPG to be officially released on STEAM. We have had an amazing first 3 weeks on STEAM, and the response to our official release on the STEAM store was overwhelmingly well received by players from around the world.

Now that we have players from all over the world, the competition is beginning to get heated between the three kingdoms. So, we have decided to write this article today to give you some tips on how to become the strongest warrior in your Kingdom.

The best tip that we could give to players who are still new to Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms would be to try your best to get as much gold equipment as you possibly can from the beginning of the game, because gold equipment gives you more attributes when you identify it, it has additional benefits like increased dodge probability and defensive attributes that can be obtained by adding up your total suit points and you can even upgrade your gold equipment to higher levels so that you don't have to waste time looking for new equipment every time you level-up.

You can also transfer suit points from one gold item to another by going to (Suit Points Master) Adams. This function allows you to transfer the suit points of an item that has more suit points to another gold item that has less suit points, but has a higher reinforcement level.

Joining a guild makes obtaining gold equipment much easier than if you were to work on gaining gold items on your own, because your guild mates ("Guildies") just might have some gold items in their bags that are perfect for your class. All you have to do is ask nicely.

You can also craft your own gold equipment by learning the necessary formulas to make your gold tems from the Smithy in your Guild-Map, if you have the corresponding life skill level that is required for the item that you wish to craft.

After you've learned the necessary skills to make your equipment, you will then have to gather the materials that are required to make the item. If you ever forget which monsters drop the items that you require, then you can always search for the items by using the material map on our data page (

Gold items will also require gold materials to craft them. These items can be obtained by purchasing souls from the (Farm Keeper) Dalarna and cultivating them in the Guild Farm that is located inside of your guild map. These gold materials will also be used to upgrade your gold equipment to higher levels from the (Equipment Upgrading Master) Doran in the City of Heroes, so make sure that you keep upgrading the level of your Guild Academy so that you can always have the latest materials that are necessary to upgrade your gold equipment to higher levels.

The real reason why gold equipment is a truly worthwhile investment is because you can reinforce those items freely without worrying that you might need to reinforce a new item when you reach a higher level. This simply means that you can save your time and precious reinforced sapphires.

Reinforced sapphires can easily be found throughout the game by completing certain daily tasks such as the mini instances from the Treasure Hunting daily tasks, by killing all the dice monsters in the 21 Points activity, successfully completing the Capture The Flag activity and stealing sapphires from the super rare diamond trees that show up a few minutes after a 5-star tree has had all of its fruit harvested in the Senior Plantation activity.

Once you've obtained your gold equipment and reinforced sapphires, you can then reinforce your equipment from the (Equipment Reinforcement Master) Domi in the City of Heroes. Your gold equipment will then receive higher additional attack and defense power, which will significantly increase your effectiveness in battles with enemy warriors if the reinforcement succeeds.

Another way to increase your attack and defense power is to inlay runes to your equipment. First, you have to drill inlay holes in your equipment by using an item called Equip Drilling and going to (Rune Master) Hodge in the City of Heroes. Red runes will increase your attack and green runes will increase your defense. Red inlay holes can have attack runes inlaid in them and green inlay holes can hold green runes. But, if you're lucky enough to receive a gold inlay hole from equipment drilling then you can inlay runes of any type.

Character runes are class locked runes that greatly increase your total suit points, which will help you to acquire more suit points and help you attain better additional suit points attributes, therefore improving your effectiveness in battle.

One major tip that we can give you if you would like to conserve your sapphires when reinforcing your equipment, is to slow down whenever you try to reinforce your equipment. Hover your cursor over the equipment for a second or two then try again. This greatly improves the probability of the reinforcement succeeding.

Let's see if you have what it takes to be the strongest warrior in your kingdom. Click on the link below to download Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms from STEAM and prove your strength as the mightiest warrior in your Kingdom -> (

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